Priorities Survey

The Marshalltown Area United Way is conducting a community survey to receive feedback and input from Marshall County residents on our local United Way. The Marshalltown Area United Way raises money from business' and individuals in Marshall County. This year we hope to raise $750,000. This money is used to help support 26 local non-profit agencies. Within those agencies we support 34 programs. We greatly appreciate your input.

What do you see as Marshall County's most pressing issues that need to be addressed? (If you list more than one, please number by importance 1,2,3, etc) (Comments no more than 50 words)
Do you think United Way should consider funding these issues?
The National United Way has asked local United Way's to focus on Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs programming as we admit agency programs and as we allocate annual funds. Do you believe that these areas should be funded equally or should some have higher priority?
Do you currently give to United Way?
Do you believe United Way impacts the local community by funding community agencies?
(Optional) The following are the 26 agencies (34 Programs) which we help to support. Have you or any of your family used any of these programs? (Please check all that you/family may have been involved with.)
Thank you for taking the time to take this survey! Additional Comments (100 word limit)