Campaign Cabinet

Campaign Cabinet

2023-24 Campaign Cabinet

Campaign Co-Chairs

Kyle Martin & Carrie Barr

Campaign Vice-Chairs


Residential Chairs

Mike & Jinx Bloom

Public Service Co-Chairs

Lynne Carroll, Nan Benson, Geoff Hubbard & Zach Tomesch 

Publicity Co-Chairs

Craig Schwartz 

Education Co-Chairs

Lindsay Stanton - MCSD

Sara Aguilera - IVCCD

Angela Redmond - MCC

Rural Chair

Kevin & Laurie Gowdy

Leadership Circle Chair

Steve Valbracht

Commercial Co-Chairs

Kyle Hall, David Barajas & Maria Gonzalez

Industrial Chair

Jeff Schneider

Professional Co-Chair

Cindy Brodin

Food Sponsorship

Thank you to the following Financial Institutions for their Sponsorship toward our food expenses for volunteer meetings and other events during the 2023 Campaign Year!

Diamond Sponsorship Level: Pinnacle Bank

Gold Sponsorship Level:  Farmers Savings Bank, First Interstate Bank, Lennox Employees Credit Union, Members1st Community Credit Union, and United Bank & Trust

Silver Sponsorship Level:  GNB Bank & Home Federal Savings Bank

Bronze Sponsorship Level:  Citizens Savings Bank

Power of the Purse Committee

Kendra Sorensen, Shannon Johnson, Cherra Meloy, Linda Von Holten, Kelli Thurston, Erin Krough, Peggy Hannam, Shannon Naughton & Maria Gonzalez-Alvarez

Charity Golf Event Committee

Kendra Sorensen, Shannon Johnson, Gary Schaudt, Matt Brodin, Sampson Songkhamdet, Geoff Hubbard, Andrew Prusha & Janelle Prusha

The Campaign Cabinet, Power of the Purse Committee, and Golf Committee are assisted with their responsibilities by United Way staff members:

  • Kendra Sorensen, Executive Director
  • Shannon Johnson, Events & Marketing Coordinator

The United Way staff does all campaign mailing to approximately 6,000 individuals/business, prepares the packets for volunteers to deliver, sets up campaign meetings, and works with the various division committees. The United Way Board of Directors oversees the staff, and an annual audit is conducted each year by Bowman & Miller, CPA.