Personal Testimonies

Petty Third Class Private Barker of the Central Iowa Sea Cadets

Dave & Judy Adland

Big Brothers Big Sisters:

"The Big Brothers Big Sisters program has helped me to obtain a lifelong mentor.  I've known my Big since I was in first grade. When I was younger, she helped me experience things that I otherwise might not have been able to. As I got older, she encouraged me to join and continue doing school activities and now that I am a senior she is encouraging me to go to college.  She has offered to take me on college visits. She stepped in whenever and however she could. This not only helped me through difficult times with family but she also offered support to my mother as well. Even though my mother and I are close it is extremely beneficial to my well being to have another adult I can talk to and get support from."  Diana E.

Al Éxito has:

"Helped change my mindset about college and what I want to do." - Jesse C.

"Know and see opportunities available here in Marshalltown." Natalie states she is very grateful for the support of United Way. -  Natalie A.

"Helped with my mindset. I want to make sure everyone shares and their ideas and uses their voice to speak out in Al Éxito. With the help of our funders we are going to make change in our community and work hard...." - Deanna H.

"Definitely helped me with thinking on how we can make a change. It challenges me to think beyond what I want because I know I don't have all the answers and Al Éxito really pushes me to think long and hard about it. I would like United Way to know that we really appreciate that they've opened up a safe space for kids to let them know that you shouldn't be ashamed of your culture and instead embrace it to the fullest." - Esmeralda G.

"Changed the way of seeing my future." - Naydelin R.

"Helped me meet more people. I really like Al Éxito and that it helps people." - Lynette M.