Dave & Judy Adland

Since graduating from the Iowa School for the Deaf in 2000, our son Nicholas has been a part of the Marshalltown Community. He has attended IVCC Career Development and REM as a workplace/ day hab environment.

In addition, Nick has participated with United Way supported agencies, CIRSI and ARC. These agencies have helped to provide meaningful interaction in the community for Nick. The staff and volunteers of these organization are very helpful to those in Marshalltown that need special assistance. Nick has developed many relationships with friends and staff through the events and activities that are provided. Dances, art workshops, movies and camps are just a few of the activities that are provided.

Although he doesn't work at Mid Iowa Workshop, Nick has several friends who do. MIW has been a longtime member of our community and provides meaningful work experience for those special individuals with gifted and adaptive abilities.

Above all, we as parents and guardians truly appreciate the effort put forth by the staff and volunteers of these organizations. They go above and beyond in creating an environment that brings out the true personalities of those special people as they carry on their daily lives.

Thanks to all involved - United Way has made a significant impact with these supported agencies.

Dave & Judy Adland